STC s.a.l

Rotating equipment

Rotating equipment

At STC s.a.l, we offer a comprehensive range of rotating equipment services to help our clients maximize the performance and efficiency of their operations.

Although rotating equipment plays a crucial role in many operations, it is often handled independently from fixed equipment due to its distinct design, maintenance, and inspection requirements.

In April 2021, STC s.a.l initiated a dedicated unit for rehabilitating and maintaining rotating equipment. The primary aim of establishing such a unit was to maximize the value of our Principal Man Energy Solution (MES) by providing Site Services that included erection and commissioning, rehabilitation, and maintenance of gas compressors, turbines, and generators. Subsequently, this concept was further advanced to enable the provision of the services to a diverse range of gas turbine & compressors manufacturers, such as MHIP, GE, Baker Hughes, Siemens, and others.

The team is led by qualified Senior Engineers with over a decade of vast experience in multiple disciplines. Below is an Appendix Summary Report that showcases some of our team's achievements for related projects in Iraq, along with crucial information pertaining to the local factories and workshops utilized for executing such projects post-approval from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.